Friday, June 4, 2010

The first 10 days in Paradise

What I love the most about living in the “wild”:
Being woken by the rooster crowing before dawn
Watching sunrise, sunset and Venus setting every day
The brilliance and exhilarating infinity of the stars
The unbelievable vastness of the silence
Spying with binoculars on the multitude of birds feeding on the fynbos
The overwhelming friendliness and helpfulness of small-town people
No rush hour traffic, no noise, no pollution, plenty of parking in town
Time and space to breathe, to think, to BE
Watching the ecstatic happiness of the dogs running at full speed for as long and as far as they wish
Falling into bed by 10pm, bone-weary from physical work
The breathtaking, heart-stopping beauty of this place
Leaving the doors open at night and feeling safe in a way I have never felt in the city in a cage of burglar bars
No car alarms going off in the middle of the night, no streetlights, no drunken revellers shambling past our house, no beggars, no city squalor, no ugliness anywhere
Driving in 4x4 up the bumpy, treacherous, incredibly beautiful, mountainous dirt road to our home

What takes some getting used to:
At night when the lights are out in the house it is irrelevant whether my eyes are open or closed – the view is the same!
The fine dust that settles over everything regardless of how much I clean
The brown colour of the river water due to tannins and the funny “scum” it deposits round the rim of my teacup
The realization that we need to make sure there are “belts and braces” in place for everything we might need – a dramatically increased awareness of the need for self-sufficiency
No distractions - nothing I have to do and nowhere I have to be
In this place one is confronted with the reality of who you really are. There are no places to hide and you need to be very happy with your own company and with creating your own entertainments.

We spend most of the day watching the ever-unfolding beauty from our balcony. I’ve been taking countless photos but nothing can do justice to the spectacular beauty of this place.

However, below is a small selection:

The view from our balcony

God’s handiwork on display all day from our balcony

Sunrise over the swimming pool

Sunset over the distant mountains

Toasting the sunset

Our house

Our pick-up in front of the house

Zingdad and Zing collaborating on The Ascension Papers

The 2 blondes in my life, in the light of the setting sun

Zingdad in meditative frame of mind

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your side of the story!

Marion said...

I've been following your journey for awhile now. Thanks for the photos of your new looks truly amazing and it so suits you and Zingdad!!

Aspiritseeker said...

You are truly in your true sight of all His wonderous glorious work. Good for you! Many blessings!

Kathryn said...

Yeah, kind of what I expected for you...

Educo said...


Kitt said...

Your home and the immediate country side reminds me of back in the hills of Ohio, except for those huge mountains in the distance, and that really does make the difference, right? Just gorgeous. Have been following you guys for about 1 1/2 years. Before all the moving plans. My spirit sings with so many memories, beliefs and doubts you've written about. I am glad you are out there guys. Always looking for more. Love, Kitt

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