Saturday, April 10, 2010

Return to Paradise

We’re back in Knysna again to meet with builders and architects and to finalise the admin associated with the purchase of our little piece of Heaven. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it is here, so I have decided to let the pictures do the talking.

Our driveway

This is part of the 8km gravel road that leads
through the indigenous forest to our property.

Gorge-eous views along the way!

Rush hour traffic

The beginning of the Gouna indigenous forest

Meeting the neighbours

These neighbours are still in their pajamas!

And THIS neighbour is in his very finest plumage

The big dam on our property (the small speck on the
far side is my partner, just to give you some idea of how big it is -
it's DAM big)

The smaller lily pond on our property

The view we will have from our verandah

A tree marking the border of our property

Next: A narrow escape


Lynn said...

Wow Lisa, I can picture you on your veranda already. I am so proud of you for your courage and willingness to play in the unknown. love L

Will said...

...very beautiful !...

...Love to you Lisa and Zing...


Anonymous said...

Wow - a piece of Heaven! :)


Love to you both!


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